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In bodybuilding slang, slin is short for insulin. Insulin has musclebuilding properties, but if misused, people can overdose from it.
He thought he could get big shooting up with slin, but he overdosed!
by Ace Corona January 01, 2008

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A person who is sexually aroused by the fantasy of dominating miniaturized human beings. Some microphiles are also voraraphiles, sexually aroused by consuming the miniaturized people they fantasize about.
My younger sister is a total microphile! She swallowed one of those little green plastic toy army men, and had to get her stomach pumped!
by Ace Corona August 10, 2007

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To slip a drug into a woman's drink and rape her while she's sleeping
I can't get anywhere with my girlfriend, as a last resort I might have to consider Pulling a Cosby to get her in the sack!
by Ace Corona January 21, 2015

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A person who gets paranoid about something without a legitimate reason.
Person #1: What took you so long? I thought you just went to put something in your Aunt's van.

Person #2: My Aunt is a real panic maven. She didn't believe me when I said I locked her van, so she made me go back and re-check to make sure it's locked.
by Ace Corona November 23, 2013

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Term used to describe the creative yet unrealistic science in many science fiction films, such as Timecop. This can involve altering history, or a person traveling back in time and touching their younger self, thereby destroying both the past and present versions of themselves because matter cannot occupy the same place at the same time.
Person 1: "Timecop is such a good movie!"

Person 2: "Yeah, it's good even though they use punk science to explain their time travel theories."

Person 1: "Punk science?"

Person 2: "Yeah, that movie is so full of scientific inconsistencies it isn't funny!"

Person 1: "It's still a good movie, though!"

Person 2: "Agreed!"
by Ace Corona April 23, 2011

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