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When your boyfriend of almost a year doesn't trust you even after you have shown a YEAR straight of growth and change for him. He believes everyone and anyone else of any negative Fuckshit there is. And has no evidence to back up that it's the truth. He flies off the handle calling you all sorts of names and that's fuxk shit. He keeps secrets from you and ignores you when you need him the most.
Ain't that some Fuckshit?!

Kevin why are you doing all these Fuckshit ass things?

Well ain't that some Fuckshit!
by Ac3ofH3artzz May 10, 2022
Kevin is a liar. I spent a whole year with him thinking he was this amazing great guy. I thought I had a real connection that was apparently ok one-sided. He will make you fall so deeply in love and look you in the eyes and tell you your the only one for him while at the same time hollering at every female that walks on the room. God forbid you piss him off. He will go from I'll take care of you to go suck some dick. He is very self centered and cocky. You will fall in love and get your heart broken. He will make promises he doesn't keep and drag you though hell. He will be the opposite of everything he claims to be. Even if you jumped in front of a gun for him he will not ever give you the respect that you deserve. On the plus side. He has taught me how to be honest the truth really will set you free. He is an amazing kisser.and I would kiss him forever if he'd let me. There isn't a single thing I wouldnt have done for him. I truly loved him. He is an amazing lover and he'll take you places you never thought you could go. But in the end he will promise you the world and then crush you. On purpose. Cruel.
Kevin is such a douchebag!
I hate Kevin for being a fuckboi!
I love Kevin, I could never leave him
by Ac3ofH3artzz May 2, 2022
Lyz is extremely intelligent and hates to be under estimated. Is very hyperactive and has slot to learn still. She is the most loyal friend you could ever have even though the people she chooses do not have her best interested in mind and are not very good people. Would do ANYTHING for the person she loves including jump in front of a gun. She is a bit of a cry baby and very emotional, but if loved right will go to the end of the earth to make you happy. A person you can count on to have your back in a fight and she has heart! Will not let anything break her including what's currently going on in her life. Do not take advantage of her. Dumb as a fox. So don't mess with her she will fight back. And she ain't scared of nothing. She don't get mad she gets money!! She has been through a lot in her life and just wants to find joy in something again. I wouldn't suggest breaking her heart on purpose because she will get even. When you least expect it. Hates bullies and doesn't believe in being cruel for fun. Other than that she will be okay no matter what.
Lyz is a down ass bitch.

Lyz had my back when no one else did.
by Ac3ofH3artzz May 2, 2022