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adj. Bogus, Inferior, or of Dubious Provenance.

Origin: The term "Susquehanna" was featured in many Abbot & Costello features, typically as the name of the phony company that the duo were representing, in some type of con.

The term has recently been popularized by the comedian Joey Diaz, on the Joe Rogan podcast, in reference to inferior marijuana (see: Susquehanna Weed).
"You invite me into your home, and you give me this Susquehanna Weed?" - Joey Diaz
by Abu al-Amok December 03, 2011
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A statement presented as fact, designed to mislead for political purposes, which can neither be proved to be true, nor false.
These are bogative statements:

"We can't afford to let the smoking gun be a mushroom cloud."

"Social Security will be bankrupt, long before you will ever see a dime...you can get a better return on your money, by investing in the stock market."

"Marijuana is dangerous precisely because it is so benign...it's a gateway drug."

"Pepper spray is essentially a food product."
by Abu al-Amok November 21, 2011
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Securitay (si-kyŏŏr-i-tā’),n. Bogus, phony, ersatz, theatrical or imitation security.
"You mean, we have to take off our shoes, dump our water AND get molested, in the name of securitay."
by Abu al-Amok December 18, 2011
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A sub-genre of homosexual pornography, devoted to military fetishism.

Military and para-military scenarios pre-dominate. Often features prominent displays of phallic symbolism and erotic fixation upon in-animate "power" objects, such as weapons, flashlights, uniforms, etc.

Origin: In the late 1970s, a gay pornography magazine named Academi was circulated in the San Francisco Bay Area. The magazine purported to cater to an underground homosexual military lifestyle community.
Usage: In slang, the term "Academi" is used to denote military gayness.

"I haven't seen anything that Academi, since the whole Jeff Gannon incident..."

"Did you see that mall ninja? Dude was straight out the Academi..."
by Abu al-Amok December 12, 2011
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