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An effective universal technique that should/may result in a Poke and Run-- best used on a Rum Slut, Rum Bunny or a PamelaJane-- if to much Rum and Coke is administered one should resusitate with a Poke and Choke or anal Probe, the Third Option or if time permits one could move right onto a Double Dip, Double Penetration or Tag Team--the options are infinite
PamelaJane loves the ol rum and poke.
by ARCTICMAN February 06, 2008

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Muslim Brother--- a member of the Muslim Bortherhood........a less radical Islamist than the MuBroT or Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist
I hear Bubba took up the ass so many times in prison that he turned into a MuBro.
by ARCTICMAN March 20, 2011

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A MuBro who has spent enough time in the West to aquire a taste for pork products, bratwurst, tailgate parties, Beer, strippers etc. aka Jack Mubro.
Brother Obama has been tainted by to much time in the midwest , he has turned into a MuBrat
by ARCTICMAN April 08, 2011

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Taking pics of your private parts (attachment) and sending them out as attachments to your e-mail, messages etc.
Bro don't do a Bret Farve!!!........don't attach your attachment!!!
by ARCTICMAN March 21, 2011

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