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The mindless state entered when one is about to shit one's self and one frantically searches for a bathroom. Never get in the way of someone in the grips of the dumprush. They will run you right over in their haste to go poo. Even the glopblocker cannot stop the dumprush.
"Bro, you totally knocked me down!"
"Sorry man, I was in a dumprush"
"That's cool, bro."
by AKAStavros November 06, 2009
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The undeniable need to take a dump that happens after one has held it back for as long as one can. The state of mind when one's bowels decree that they must be evacuated immediately.
self -"I really don't want to use a gas station bathroom..."
ass -"poo-imperative!!"
self -"dag yo"
by AKAStavros November 06, 2009
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A person at work that stops you for meaningless conversation when you're on your way to the can to deuce.
"Man, I was totally doing the poo-dance while Cheryl was talking to me about her stupid dogs."
"She's a real glopblocker."
by AKAStavros October 29, 2009
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A roll of fat hanging out over the top of a girl's pants covered by a tigh-fitting shirt so that it is clearly evident. A muffin-top covered by a tight shirt.
Marlene's stuffin'-top was magnificent to behold in all of its t-shirt clad fat roll-glory.
by AKAStavros December 29, 2009
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A manner of offing one's self involving vomiting until one dies from it. Usually committed as a result of seeing something horrible or banging someone exceedingly unattractive.
"Man, I can't believe you hooked up with Shelly. That bitch is huge!"
"Yeah, I almost had to commit vomit-suicide the next day."
by AKAStavros October 30, 2009
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