7 definitions by A.froman

1) An abbreviation for no problem
2) Nigga please

both used in chats/texts/emails...etc
a: son, thanks for the sam adams
b: np

a: yo at that party last night i fucked 3 bitches
b: NP!
by A.froman September 13, 2009
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a knife made from breaking a beer bottle and holding it by the neck of the bottle
it was all fun and games until that son of a bitch came out with a nig knife and almost killed that man
by A.froman August 20, 2009
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A slang word for weed.
"Yo last night the cops busted my ass for carrying some cux"
by A.froman July 28, 2009
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A hypothetical spin-2 massless boson which is responsible for the gravitational fields we experience everyday. The graviton is the quantum particle of gravity.
Particle colliders have yet to find a single graviton.
by A.froman September 3, 2010
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A boson is a particle which behaves usually as a force-carrier. Each of the four fundamental forces (Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear, Electromagnetic, and Gravity) has one or more bosons (called gauge bosons) that transmit the respective forces. These gauge bosons are the quanta of the forces. Bosons, which have an integer spin, can occupy the same space unlike matter (feminons) which cannot. The Higgs Boson which is being searched for by the Large Hadron Collider is also a boson which gives particles mass; it does not belong with the four fundamental forces but is still a boson (it has an integer spin).
The graviton is the gauge boson for the gravitational force.
by A.froman September 3, 2010
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shit ass beer brewed by the Brooklyn Brewery that is drunken by old men or teenagers trying to show off. It is characterized by its especially bitter taste and too much hops and malt.
A: "Yo look at that nitty ass son of a bitch over there with his brooklyn lager"
B: "Yea, ill just take some budweiser"
by A.froman August 18, 2009
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1: Pretty much the best poker hand you can get trumping all but a Straight Flush or a Royal Flush. The chance of obtaining such a hand with a 5 card deal is .024% (.00024) In games such as Texas Hold Em', it is possible for more than one person to share the same 4 pairs which in that case the unmatched card determines who wins the pot (if they are the same, pot is split).

2: An album produced by D.R.I. in 1988.
Holy shit, I have 4 of a kind; i'm going all in!
by A.froman February 25, 2010
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