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1.A bide used for female sexual pleasure or masterbation
2.a device is used to insert water into a vagina and clean it while also giving the girl sexual arousal and stimulation
Carina used her bidildo to clean her vagina and prepare for trevor's huge rod.
by A-phish March 13, 2010

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When a dick goes up a girls butt so she wont shit straight for a week

Schlon(g)- penis
(Don)key- ass- butthole
David gave Betsy a schlonkey, so she had to got to the doctor and have a rectal xray.
by A-phish January 30, 2010

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Wang penis
Mang(le) grapple

Refers to a handjob
Can also be used to describe a person who jacks guys off a lot/ a slut
Trevor got a wang mang from betsy so he came all over her face!
by A-phish March 14, 2010

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