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Shes a girl that never stop smiling. Shes one of the most beautiful girl that you will ever see. She has an different beauty from the other and thats why everyone love her. The name is an Arabic Princess. She has all the qualities a princess have. Shes lazy but intelligent. She dress like a queen and have an attitude when its time. You can't mess with her shes not like the others. Love to do thins by fun. She dont compete with others girls cause shes different. All the sexyest boys love her. Shes just so georgeous. She will accomplish big things. She will have an amazing loving life but before that she will have her heart broken many times, its okay shes strong as hell. She can act like a bitch but she is not for sure! Dont mess with her. Shes intouchable. Alot of peope want to be like her. Shes everything someone wish for. She can be lazy but when shes motivate she beat all of you in everything. Alot of people protect her even if shes not close to them
Thats Rawan, don't mess with her.
by A girl February 04, 2015
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when u take a guys genital (the dudes dick ) and shove it up a persons (guy or girl) ASSHOLE
while in a three some a girl named betty shoved ross's dick up Becky's big butt
by A girl April 25, 2004
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A person.. especially a girl.. who likes to stir up stuff between other people just to be the center of attention
Vonder Haars
by A girl December 08, 2003
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someone who thinks he's cool.. but really, really not, and goes around doing things JUST to piss people off.
an example... the asshole CJ
by A girl February 22, 2005
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<v> Picking up members of the opposite sex when your significant other is out of town; short for bachelor; behaving as a bachelor when you are not actually one.
I'm going to be baching it this weekend, wanna hook up?
by A girl May 19, 2003
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In the real world, CSI or crime scene investigators, gather and analyze crime scene evidence and hand it over to the detectives and other proper authorities, but in the tv show, they take on all the aspects of a case, even interrogating and arresting suspects.
Last night on csi, some guy got murdered and the csi team found and convicted the criminal.
by A girl July 25, 2004
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