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a sexual position that works like this, you lay on the bed and your partner leaves to the kitchen, makes you a samich, comes back and feeds it to you.
Hey baby lets do The Lunch Lady tonight ;)
by 3nt October 13, 2017
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Sexual position that consists of you laying on a bed while your spouse cleans your room then tucks you in goodnight.
"Baby i really need to do the Maria tonight, i didn't get a lot of sleep last night"
by 3nt October 13, 2017
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to be trapped, lost, or tired in love. Usually lost internist or over obsessive characteristics.
"My girl committing a L on L crime, she don't care about me."
by 3nt October 4, 2017
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Acronym for post nut knock out, or commonly known as passing out after ejaculation.
I am trying to catch this pnko so I’ll hop on fortnite tomorrow. GG.
by 3nt January 25, 2021
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