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Sucking on someone's toes.
I love that scene in Sid and Nancy where Gary Oldman gives Chloe Webb a toejob.
by 3gmaxud August 22, 2014

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An alternative to the F word.
Sometimes you just gotta say Cement it!. The city is so gentrified, it's cemented. Cement this.
by 3gmaxud September 14, 2014

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To insult a guy's masculinity/virility online.
You didn't have to e-emasculate me by commenting with a bunch of ballerina emojis on Facebook.
by 3gmaxud August 22, 2014

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Sexual relations with a step-sibling.
In the movie Clueless, Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone's characters only kissed but eventually you know they would've committed outcest.
by 3gmaxud August 24, 2014

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