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The type of photos fat women use in their facebook and online dating profiles. A picture taken from above the head at an angle that deceptively hides how massive the cow really is.
Leonard: Hey Josh, look at this chick on e-harmony! She is a real looker! I got a date with her this weekend!

Josh: Nah dude, don't mean to disappoint you, but check the angle of the shot- taken from up-high and to the left... total fatty using thin angle photography to hide the mass. Her face ain't bad though.
by 31Flavors October 12, 2012
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When a girl charges at you with her vagina with such ferocity that it may as well be a charging rhinoceros. Common activity of women who are normal in large groups but go feral when alone with a guy they want to have sex with. Women who collect stamps and have more than one cat often go in to rhino clam mode.
Oh shit, here comes bridgett. Fucking bitch tries to rhino clam me whenever we get within 50 feet of each other. Thinking about telling her I am gay, but with my irish luck, I will probably end up with a closet rod in the ass.
by 31Flavors August 02, 2012
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When a guy lies to a girl and says he is gay so she will quit trying to rhino clam him, but somehow ends up in bed with a guy to prove it.
John: Hey, Stephanie is psycho, you should run away from that freak.

Ed: I am thinking about telling her I am gay so she'll leave me alone.

(two weeks later)

John: Hey Rich, how come Ed's been such a bitch lately?

Rich: I wasn't supposed to say anything, but he ended up taking a closet rod in the ass so he wouldn't get Cathy Bates'd by Stephanie.

John: Really!? What a fag!
by 31Flavors August 02, 2012
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A group of 10 or more homosexuals daisy chained dick to ass in a circle while dancing the bunnyhop, or any other follow-the-leader type dance. Usually involves copious amounts of hallucinogens, jam bands, and hippie events without state funded supervision.
If you get lost near Haight-Ashbury on acid, watch out you don't get wrangled into a San Francisco ferris wheel like what happened to Ralph. It's been three weeks and he's still sore.


Hippie guy: "Dude, I was at burning man, man. I got involved in a San Franciso ferris wheel. It was like, soooo liberating for my ass, man.."

White collar: "Say,you sound like a guy who likes to try new things. Would you be interested in helping us with some tests? We'd pay you.."
by 31Flavors August 02, 2012
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How often a man has sex with after they are married.
Charlie: Hey Ron, heard you got married. Looks like you'll never get laid again.
by 31Flavors August 15, 2012
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