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Leader of the Nazi Party, which in 1939 started World War 2. Hitler hated people of the Jewish descent, and killed 6 million jews in a time period known as the Holocaust. Aproaching the end of WW2, with the allied forces surounding Berlin, Hitler commited Suicide.
Heh. Adolf Hitler was a real cunt.
by 1337 Fork July 30, 2005

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Film made in 1979, Directed by Ridley Scott. This takes place in the year 2037 onboard the vessel Nostromo. The crew is made up of Ripley, Dallas, Brett, Parker, Lambert, Kane, and Ash. The vessel recieves a message from an unidentified craft that was in distress on LV-426. The Crew answers the call, but while on the planet, Kane finds thousands of eggs, and one hatches and a creature attachs to his face. Later on the creature falls off, but implants an embryo which births an alien. The alien bursts through his chest, running off into the ship. Later on the Alien picks off the crew one by one until only Ripley is left. She then destroys the ship, and defeats the alien.
That movie Alien was excellent!
by 1337 Fork July 30, 2005

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Main chracter in the Wachowski brothers Matrix trilogy. Neo is played by actor Keanu Reeves. Neo is a mythical man and his coming was fortold in a propehcy.
Neo is really amazing! Look at his uber skills!
by 1337 Fork July 31, 2005

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Refering to Operation Restore Hope, the Delta mission in October of 1993 in Mogadishu Somalia.

11 Delta Force Operatives lost their lives in the operation, and hundreds of Somalian rebels were killed by the Delta Force. A movie was made by Ridley Scott which is based on the operation, and a video game has also been realeased based on the event.
Black Hawk Down was a great movie!
by 1337 Fork July 30, 2005

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A movie made in 1961. It was the modern day Romeo and Juliet. The movie is set in the late 1950's on the streets of New York City. There are two street gangs that fight over turf in the area where the movie takes place, the Jets and the Sharks. The Jets are an all white gang, and the Sharks are a peurto rican gang. The Jets had fought away many over gangs over the years to keep their turf, and the peurto ricans moved to the united states and took their claim to it, so the two gangs are constinatly fighting over it. The Jet's leaders best friend gets Romantically involved with The Sharks leader's sister. The two fall in love, but can not live in peace for the gang rivalvry is driving them apart. At one point the two gang leaders engage in a knife fight and the Jet's leader is slain by the sharks leader (as mercutio is slain by tybalt in romeo and juliet) and the best friend kills the sharks leader in anger for the killing of his best friend (romeo slaying tybalt) and this causes more problems. In the end the two cannot be together with all the hatred and the boy is shot and killed, but all the deaths of both leaders and him caused the gangs to stop the fued.
West side story is such a great film.
by 1337 Fork February 13, 2006

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War fought from 1950-1953, when the United States sent troops into North Korea to aid South Korea from its northern attackers. North Korea wanted to convert South Korea into a communist nation. The Norh Korean's were unsucessful due to the American forces being victorious in 1953. The whole war was fought to stop the spread of communism, and the United States did suceed in stoping the spread of communism into South Korea.
The Korean war was a major war in history.
by 1337 Fork August 02, 2005

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Andy Milonakis is a 27 Year Old man.
He suffers from hormone disfunction, and looks and sounds like a 10 year old child. Andy uses his disorder to produce comedy. He has his own show on MTV, full of random humor. He got his start over the internet with random home made movies.
Random Guy: Nice wheather we have been havin-
Andy: Yeah! I was just about to say that.
by 1337 Fork July 30, 2005

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