1. (n) A burrowing nocturnal carnivorous marsupial (Sarcophilus harrisii) of Tasmania, having a predominantly blackish coat and a long, almost hairless tail. So named for its distinctive red eyes, ferocious temperament, and distinctive growl that sounds like a demon possessed.

2. (name) A Looney Tunes cartoon character, an oafish slobbering gibbering beast able to devour everything in its path, travels like a whirling dervish, and is often seen pulling a temper tantrum at Bugs Bunny.
1. That Tasmanian Devil looks like a demon posessed.
2. Bugs Bunny thinks the Tasmanian Devil is such a maroon.
by G.H.Hadden December 24, 2005
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When your girl gets kinky and starts spinning on your dick meanwhile making the Looney toons Tasmanian Devil voice.
Guy 1: My gf and I just tried the craziest thing last night.
Guy 2: Really? What'd you try?
Guy 1: The Tasmanian Devil..
Guy 2: Woah.
by WackyD January 25, 2017
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When a guy is on his back, and you're going down on him, he's about to cum so you bite the shit out of his balls and he shrieks and cries like a baby.
I gave Jorge a Tasmanian devil last night, he shot up and tried to punch me but I'm too quick for that bitch
by Saucybawls May 4, 2011
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The Tasmanian Devil Chassis. Is a girl that is shaped like the cartoon character TAZ. She usually has a huge upper body and skinny chicken legs giving her a shape V like shape.
I can’t believe you took that Tasmanian Devil Chassis home last night.

Yeah! That girl shaped like the cartoon character TAZ Bro!
by Air_Wolf February 7, 2018
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This is a sex act that involves first the recipient having fecal matter deposited on their face and smeared, like a cleveland steamer combined with a mud fall. Then adding in a swirlie, the individual's face is placed in a toilet as it is flushed while having intercourse in a doggystyle position.
A tasmanian dirt devil exquisitely combines defecation and fear of suffocation to heighten the sexual experience.
by Seany S April 2, 2008
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If you see a person named iNARAIN Ishaan just yell it out
Omg is that NARAIN Ishaan
yes it is, its an african tasmanian devil
by Yoboi100 November 11, 2020
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