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The Person Who Might have raised you, normally a woman
your mother is a woman who raised you is it not?
by 1 September 30, 2003

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Quite possibly the funniest show this year, there is never a dull moment and the cast kick ass especially Lt. Dangle and his man panties.
watch it every tuesday at 10 EST on Comedy Central or you will go to hell.
by 1 July 14, 2005

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a person
look, its Ritu
by 1 April 21, 2004

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A heavily overrated band that teenaged somehow depressed suburban kids "connect" to. All their songs is lyrically and musically the same. The band lacks diversity and skill and their rapper sucks he is not even a good rapper in rock terms with the using of same words perfusely and and runs one detail of one subject to the ground. Face it kids they suck and you know it, go listen to some good music like Stone Temple Pilots, RATM, Faith No More, shit even some Foo Fighters and Audioslave will do.
LP fan : Linkin Park rocks their music is the soundtrack of my life.

Smart induvidual: dude, you live in the fucking suburbs why are you depressed dumbass. I have to worry about getting shot in my hood. quit posing bastard.
by 1 June 22, 2005

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adequate vagina that you at least ejaculate 3 times while inside, you also fall right to sleep only to wake up with your parents in the other room and the girl on the phone with her mom.
MAN o girl had some killa pussy, i want to hit that shit again.
by 1 January 08, 2005

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JediYoshis least worst nightmore thing
bite me
by 1 February 08, 2003

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your mam
by 1 April 11, 2003

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