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A.k.a. Principal that is fat.
Mrs. Goddard waddles down the hall like a penquin.
by 1 December 05, 2003
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OC is an acronym for "Only Caucasians" and it is true.
Only caucasians is on this show and it is aimed for only caucasians
by 1 June 27, 2005
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wanksta neva gonna be a gangsta eva
by 1 June 09, 2003
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Wow, Seriously they are one of the many reasons rap is looked down upon, seriously their lyrics are the worst thing on the western hemisphere and their singer is average; I can go through my school and find 9 hand full of just as good singers. Really talentless group and an I.Q. of a bowl of pubes. In an interview this is what one of them said "People ask us why we dont do gangsta rap, we rap what we know and thats women we give it 138%"

Seriously what the hell was he talking about. Idiot.
Zombie girl with no taste in music and listens to whatever is popular because she is to shallow to have an opinion and mind of her own: That PRETTY RICKY ALBUM IS GOOD, I PUT IT UP THEIR WITH YOUNG JEEZY AND NELLY BECAUSE THEIR ARE SO ORIGINAL, DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE.

Me: Listen to black sabbath or if you hate rock because you completely misunderstand it all for just screaming bullshit, Listen to Nas Bitch.
by 1 September 23, 2005
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A peson who puts up with black racism
B:"Hey look at that cracker."
W: If I say anything to that racial slur, I'll be called a racist.
by 1 December 27, 2003
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