a button on the keyboard in between F3 and F5. when button is pressed at the same time with the "alt" key windows on the screen go away really fast.
A: dude press alt-F4 to get tons of cash.
B: oh awesome thanks.
~B has quit the game~
A: sucker
by Briam September 1, 2003
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Four fat guys from this company in Plaza Mont Kiara, Malaysia.
Kenny, Edward, Danny and Deric, members of F4, are exceptional people who deliver outstanding results.
by Liz Phair November 14, 2003
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F4 International Inc. is a company on the fast track of success. Its members are the best and brightest, destined to lead the world in film, music, art, technology, space exploration, the culinary arts, beauty, hand to hand combat, and pornography.

F4 also stands for "Freakin' Friday Film Fest" an event that originated when the members when in high school. Each Friday, one member hosts two movies for the viewing pleasure of the other members. Board games, food especially frito pie, and humorous commentary are also welcome additions to the event.

The group known as F4 Inc. was originally formed in Decatur, IL. but also boasts an international member in Germany.
"So what are you doing Friday?"

"Oh, I'm having the F4 guys over to watch Killer Klowns From Outer Space and Dr. Strangelove."
by Orang August 13, 2005
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In Natural-Selection (HL-modification) the F4 key when pressed, takes you out of the game and into the ReadyRoom, where you can choose to join a team or just jump about. When one team is getting completely wiped out, Some players may call out for the others to "F4!" as a way to end the game early, and sometimes, to deny the opposing team a victory.
they Have Skulks! F4! F4!
by Supernorn2000 January 25, 2004
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Flame for cash= very gay site.
ruthless=gay member of F4$
get it?
by yo bitch wut up July 12, 2003
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