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a girl who leads a life of regular to pop star.
1) she acts like shes poor. cant afford stuff. thats ridiculous, shes HANNAH MONTANA *applaudes* she can afford ANYTHING.
2) the laugh thing. used TOO MUCH
3) if lilly and whatshisname REALLY were her bffl they could tell she was hannah montana.anyone with eye sight could recognize their friend in a bad wig.
4) she got the show cuz of her country mullet starred daddy
5) spoiled drama queen
6) singing.....AHHHHHH
7) sings about HER, tlks about HER, concerned about HERSELF.
8) song lyrics are awful!
Cisney Channel trys to turn ALL their actresses into singers!! whats with that??? *cough hilary duff *throws up* raven. gross...no. not workin. oh not to mention ashley the slut tisdale. and uhm emily osmet???? what were they THINKING????
*CAUTION* hannah montana
may cause

which are all a trip to the park compared to listening to hannah/miley belt out "yoouuu got the beeessstttt of bootthh worrrllddsss"
by **BLAHblahBLAH** January 13, 2008

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something that is compleatly useless in life. teachers make this up so they can fail you, make your life miserable, and so you can learn pointless crap like how fast radishes grow, and which hamster finds the cheese faster. (i did these two 7 & 8th grade year) its awful. mean. and horrible. you fail every other class b.c. you have to write up a 10 pg. report on what you did, make a science board, and a 50 slide power point. AND have 3 judges come around and grade this. no one will ever use any of this. pointless.mean.unintelligent. makes the science teacher feel better about how dumb he really is.

no clue why its called Science Fair. fairs are fun. science fair is NOT fun.
TEACHER: class! we have a special treat today! we're going to do SCIENCE FAIR!!!!!!! *smiles huge*
CLASS: awwww nooo this sucksss
TEACHER: it will be fun. now you have to do *explains LONG list of "fun" things you get to, not have to, but GET TO do.
by **BLAHblahBLAH** January 25, 2008

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a band if u can call it that. whines and complains how their life sucks, their job sucks, and their friends suck.
are 26-year old babies who live in beverly hills and complain about how "unfair the world is to THEM" not to
kids in africa, abused kids, or poverty, but cuz they didnt get their psp for christmas. ya. sums it up. simple plan=horrible
worst songs= im just a kid, shut up! (like the exclemation mark makes it "cool", chrsitmas song, or wahtever
SP kids #1: my life sux! i didnt get simple plan tickets
SP kid #2: you didnt?? your life DOES suck
SP kid #1: i know. life hates us.
by **BLAHblahBLAH** January 13, 2008

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the best show ever.
amazing plot
funnnnyyyy. :]
good storylines
desperate houswives is the best show i've ever seen
by **BLAHblahBLAH** January 28, 2008

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a great band formed by lead singer/frontman tyson ritter and nick wheeler in stillwater, oklahoma later adding chris gaylor and mike kennerty good music. hott and the only reason people like them is cuz of there one hit wonder "dirty little secret" theres better songs in that album hence, stab my back, and dance inside. check out eyelash wishes, and kiss yourself goodbye as well.
omg! did you the all american rejects?
yaa they were awsome!
i hope to get a concert ticket
by **BLAHblahBLAH** January 13, 2008

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a kid who thinks hes all bad, acts like hes superior to everyone else, an idiot, someone who trys to get all of the attention,

kids who listen to icp, kmk, hu, hed pe...
thinks everyone else is SO "immature" and
thinks everyone copies him...
that kid is so dumbace, he acts like everyone copies him by listening to hed pe. but i liked it way before him.

that kid is a dumbace, shouting out the answers even though they are wrong.

that girl is a dumbace, trying to make an appearance when she came late to school...
by **BLAHblahBLAH** January 13, 2008

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a show that started out great, but slowly pitched downward. it was about a girl whos about 17 and is a dectective solving many cases along the way to finding who killed her best friend lilly kane and raped her at shelly pomroeys party. its now cancelled b.c. they didnt have enough viewers, and the plot was sucking. Kristen bell signed a 5yr contract with WB/CW for Veronica Mars. but that didnt quite happen. She now is in movies like pulse, and the musical "Reefer Madness" and is in popular tv shows "heros, and narrates "Gossip Girl"

actually she is taleneted. but someone made VM suck badd. im glad they cancelled it. but i still enjoy watching eppis of the first season.
Did you know they cancelled Veronica Mars?
ya cuz the plot, and director SUCKED!
by **BLAHblahBLAH** January 25, 2008

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