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5 definitions by #111

Skr Wu is an alias of a young and talented Canadian rapper Kris Wu.

In 2018 Rap of China season II, Kris Wu used the word "skr" to describe skillful hip-pop performance on stage. In order to commemorate this innovation to hip-pop culture, people respectfully call him "Skr Wu" or "Mr. Skr Wu", just like the way that people commemorate great scientists by naming their theories using their names.
Skr Wu: You rap is so skr~~~~
by #111 August 12, 2018
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Rapper Kris Wu's most well-known freestyle performance.
A: Do you know Kris Wu?
B: Yes, I love his DA WAN KUAN MIAN.
by #111 March 24, 2019
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The abbreviation of "Never Mind Scandal and Liber". In China, fans use this phrase to encourage and support their idols.

Originally the phrase is abbreviated as "NMSL", but this abbreviation is censored by some websites. Thus, people replace "S" by "$" and reform a new abbreviation "NM$L".
Fans: Kris Wu we love you, Kris Wu NM$L.
by #111 August 12, 2018
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Abbreviation of "Nice Moment Must Pay for You".

In China, fans use this phrase and the abbreviation to encourage and support their idols.
Fans: Kris Wu NMMP, you are the best.
by #111 August 12, 2018
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Yifan Wu, also known as Kris Wu, is a young Chinese-Canadian rapper. Yifan Wu and his male peer entertainers are collectively called "xiao xian rou" or "little fresh meat" in China.

Yifan Wu defines himself as Chinese Justin Bieber.

Yifan Wu usually performs with autotune or other vocal processing technologies on stage, which add electronic effects to his voice. In July 2018, his unprocessed vocal was released on Hupu, which is a famous internet forum in China. Such vocal was evaluated terrible, unpleasant, and totally unprofessional by general public. People doubt that Yifan Wu cannot perform a single song without assistant from vocal processing technologies and give him a lovely nick name, "Canadian electric eel", because his fans always insist that such electronic voice is originally generated by Yifan Wu himself .
Yifan Wu: Do you have freestyle?
by #111 August 12, 2018
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