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A beautiful girl name that simply means "bloom." Saku is a gentle, calm, and kind girl. She can give you relationship advice and somewhere quiet so you can concentrate. She is really is smart at math and art. She paints the stars so beautiful and shiny, it looks so real.
Hey, have you heard of the new girl named Saku? I heard she's smarter than Einstein!
by {*Izzy*} March 10, 2023
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Something you say when your about to die in a Roblox Difficulty Chart Obby. Like once you reach the Hard Difficulty Level.
Ok, I reached Hard, oh no, Yowzer Wowzers! I almost died!
by {*Izzy*} March 2, 2023
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A classmate that is a really funny girl, she draws faces on her erasers, and she tries her best. Jaelyn sometimes doesn't turn in her homework and sometimes fails her tests. Everyone likes her in the class, most of them.
Hey, have you heard of that new girl, Jaelyn Garcia? Yeah, she's a real nice person!
by {*Izzy*} May 12, 2023
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