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Contraction of damn it. Most often it is used when someone is generally pissed off at everything, it's worse than just saying the words separately.

blink182's most popular song.
The man almost got run over by a car, got into a fight with a trucker, broke up with his girlfriend, got fired, got arrested, got drunk, crashed his car, locked himself out of his house, and tried to climb in the window but fell off and broke his leg. When it started to rain, the man said DAMMIT!
by [ - stacys mom - ] October 18, 2003

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what is the malted liquor
what gets you drunker quicker
what comes in bottles or in cans (beer!)
can't get enough of it (beer!)
how we really love it (beer!)
makes me think i'm a man (beer!)
i could kiss and hug it (beer!)
but i'd rather chug it (beer!)
got my belly up to here (beer!)
i could not refuse a (beer!)
i could really use a (beer!)
Beer, Beer, Beer!
by [ - stacys mom - ] October 18, 2003

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great rapper, his songs colt 45 and because i got high are great and really funny.
met this woman in hawaii,
i stuck it in her ass and she went aiii
lips was breakfast, pussy was lunch,
then her titties busted open with hawaiian punch!
by [ - stacys mom - ] October 16, 2003

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Someone who goes along with their friend on a date so that when their friend picks up the hot girl the wingman gets stuck with her ugly friend. A very noble job and guys usually switch off wingmen at different clubs. See fall on the grenade.
So buy her a beer, its the reason your here, mighty wingman.
Youre taking one for the team, so your buddy can live the dream.
by [ - stacys mom - ] October 22, 2003

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A popular, rebellious Japanese heavy metal band who for some reason decided to name their band in English.
aka KFC.
"Are you going to the KFC concert?" or "I got the latest King Fucker Chicken CD."
by [ - stacys mom - ] November 03, 2003

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To cause to explode, usually using dynamite/TNT, grenades, etc.

A cure for everything.
Harry: Ron, I think my scar's hurting again.
Ron: Oh jolly good Harry, now we can blow it up.
by [ - stacys mom - ] October 29, 2003

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Made up of songs that usually have ryhthm and rhyme, also a beat, and mostly background instruments (except rap).
Good: eve 6, blink182, simple plan, stroke 9, AFI, and afroman.
Bad: sum 41, linkin park, evanescence, n sync, all techno and country.
Music is good.
by [ - stacys mom - ] October 11, 2003

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