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Elora, usually very short and tend to be really good at soccer they usually have brown hair and are very gorgeous she’s been through a lot but is very strong mentally and physically 🥰 They are loyal to all of their loved ones and they are definitely a keeper. She develops a crush very easily and it’s tend to last a longgg time. She’s the best you can find!
Jessie- is it just me or did the room just light up Melissa- ya no duh Elora just came.
by @ForFun August 20, 2019

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Ashley, They are very shy at first but can be really silly once you get to know her! (In a good way) they are not the friendliest once they get Comfortable around you but boy they r do nice at first🤣 They are very good readers especially when it comes to comics oh how much they adore them! They aren’t very athletic or all about the “beauty” thing.
Girl- she’s really shy I think I’ll be her friend Girl-Hey! Ashley- h-h-hi 10 weeks later Girl-Hey Ashley! Ashley-Heyyyy Besfran
by @ForFun August 20, 2019

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Sheila, oooohh man they innocent af but damn they Thicccccccc 🤭 they real popular but they a pussy they gorgeous too the act tough but tend to never very nice
Boy-Damnnnn Sheillaaa🍑 Sheila-STOOOPPPPP
by @ForFun August 22, 2019

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