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A besfran is someone who is always there for you no matter what. Its the highest level of bestfriendship possible,ever in the levels of bestfriendship ever made. If you call someone your besfran, its real. A besfran is the first bestfriend you talk to about your problems before confronting your other bestfriends. If someone is your besfran then your friendship will never end because there is no end in besfran!
Kim: Aye Besfran, I'm sad ! ;(
Austin: Awh Besfran, why?!?!?
Kim: Well, my boyfran just broke up with me and I just don't know what I did wrong.
Austin: Its going to be okay! I'll buy you some ice cream Besfran.
Kim: Thanks Besfran!

*2seconds later*

Kim: bestfriend I'm sad ;(
Dallas: ok

SEE, besfrans are cooler & more supportive. I love besfrans.
by KswizzleMynizzle February 26, 2014
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