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akif budak is litteraly so dramatic he can’t even take a joke like all girls
stfu akif budak you litteraly like Heidi
by C. May 24, 2022
A nerd who enjoys magic cards, D&D, and Polish women.
Oh, my GOD! That guy working at the comic store is suck a raving silee
by C. October 18, 2003
A kind of card or set of cards used in divination for finding insight on the past, present, and future.
I was at the coffeehouse the other night and got a tarot reading from my girlfriend's sister which told me of things to come.
by C. November 25, 2004
Pale-faced. Often used to describe gothic-looking people.
She was a total kabuki girl.
by C. June 14, 2006
being very femal about a male friendship
going to "love actually" when originally
"Swat" was intended
by C. January 23, 2004