Mar 5
An individual who performs less than satisfactorily to the chagrin and sometimes amusement of his or her associates, crew, or squadron.
The preflight crew forgot to leave water bottles on the jet for us? What a bunch of crumplesacks!
by Commander Crumplestiltskin February 25, 2017
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Mar 4
A vivid, unpleasant mental image (as in a nightmare) conjured in broad daylight, such as an impending crash, or a thought of a loved one in distress, which can cause a strong emotional response such as fear or horror.
Scott still isn't home from the game, and I'm having such a daymare! I know he's stretched out on the pavement somewhere.
by Laura Gay July 03, 2011
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Mar 3
And Lo, I stood upon the mound and witnessed below the Bannonites in worship of their deity. At his left stood a Lustful, Orange Demon inscribed upon its forehead the name, BIGLY.
by Junksmen February 24, 2017
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Mar 2
One of the shittest and most annoying things on the internet. First seen in january, 2016. In february, 2017, it went viral, and began to invade all over the internet. You can see at least one comment with this bird in facebook pages. There are numerous pages and groups created about this. Also there are millions of protesters around the world.
Dumbass: *Puts trash dove sticker*
Me: Goddamn it enough with this trash dove bullshit! Go fuck yourselves!
by CWProkiller February 19, 2017
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Mar 1
The reverse of namesake; a person you are named after.
The monk Martin Luther was the nametake of Dr. King.
by Ben Frey April 17, 2006
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Feb 28
A plague of many modern electric guitarists. Long and excessive solo on the guitar or other instrument, to show technical superiority rather than compositional and songwriting skills.
Dream Theater are kings of musical masturbation
by dildo777 February 24, 2017
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Feb 27
(noun): Someone appointed to help destroy or dismantle the agency for which he or she ostensibly works.
All indications point to Scott Pruitt being a bureauclast hired specifically to dismember the Environmental Protection Agency.
by KeseyFan February 25, 2017
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