Feb 6
Another word for unbelievable.
It’s so bad that it’s unbelievable, uncanon
“I hate cheese so much that it’s uncanon”
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by Bluecv February 04, 2018
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Feb 4
I tried to lez out with a straight girl at Disney for three days but she has a boyfriend, now I've got blueterus.
by GreenTeaSips February 03, 2018
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Feb 3
A statement that conveys an indirect, subtle, or unintentional affectation that is superfluous or irrelevant to the context of a conversation.

Person 1: "Did you watch that show?"
Person 2: "I don't have a TV."

Person 1: "Are you hungry?"
Person 2: "I'm a vegan."
They were subject to many acts of micropretension at the vegan restaurant.
by n0ta February 08, 2017
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Feb 2
A character you genuinely fall in love with while binge watching a series
"Did you watch Prison Break last night? T-Bag is my boxset boyfriend"
by Vivalaleslo January 31, 2018
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Feb 1
What every inhabitant of the USA is, except the Native Americans.
A: Dude, I fuckin hate them immigrants!
B: Well whaddaya think your great great great grand father was?
by rosinbolle October 22, 2006
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Jan 31
I'll do whatever. I'm ready to do whatever you suggest. Let's get together and do something.
One person says, "sup" the other says, "I'm so down" ... meaning, I'm ready to do whatever, or let's get together.
by pjmama January 30, 2018
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