Apr 11
A person, man or woman, whose usual facial expression makes them appear foolish and lacking common sense or intelligence.
Robert isn't as stupid as he appears., he just suffers from resting moron face.
by Epic Dick April 09, 2018
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Apr 10
What is said to someone when not to do something, but it is done anyway
I told You, DO NOT CONGRATULATE that idiot
by Tatax April 08, 2018
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Apr 9
the act of slapping someone in the face with a penis-like object
Friend: Dude, whats that mark on your face?
Dude: Oh yeah, i got dick-wapped last night
by ANOL May 01, 2016
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Apr 8
Inflation caused by the ill-advised and uninformed monetary policies and tariffs imposed by Donald Trump.
I can't afford to buy groceries or gasoline because of Trumpflation.
by Anti-Chester April 04, 2018
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Apr 7
In poker, having so many chips that you make bad calls and bets. It usually is the result of winning one or more big pots and usually is followed up by being "down to the felt"
Eric gets chipdrunk and spews chips everywhere when he's the big stack at the table.
by tcw May 25, 2007
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Apr 5
A dooshbag with multiple different dooshbag qualities stacked together like a shishkabob
Larry: “Look at that guy with the stunna shades, popped collar and flat billed ball cap covering his man bun. Looks like he’s headed into Starbucks to find a safe space.”
Joe: “What a mega dooshkabob! So sad... let’s go get a shot and a beer to ward off any of his dooshness rubbing off on us!”
by Redshag November 29, 2017
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