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When texting "Yup" the 1st word that shows up is Zur. At least on my shitty phone.
Girl: So you coming to my party? :)
Boy: Zur.
Girl: What!? D:
by xJohnnyxyz December 27, 2007
another word for yes, in some texting languages. used in t9 word on a cell phone. When you type the word "yup" it comes up as zur instead.
Person1: Hey.

Person2: Hi

Person1: so, did u enjoy that awesome party last night?

Person2: Zur. it was gr8. lolz
by haooinesssssssssssssssssssssss December 22, 2009
Derived from the word "zoophiliac." A furry that enjoys sexual intercourse with animals.
"You're such a zur; stop raping your dog."
by dramalem1 January 25, 2009
A rather long gathering or strip of trees on the side of a road/street/highway/etc. that goes on for miles and miles usually on the right side of the road.
by YoumgMoney May 22, 2010
Slang combination of "yes sir".
Fan #1: Be at your house for the game at 4?
Fan #2: Zur.
by KateRish December 21, 2008
Emphatic agreement with something that's been texted to you. On old T9 phones, "zur" is what it would type instead of "yep,"; if you strongly agree with something, you forgo editing it and just leave it as "zur," indicating that your agreement is so categorical that you couldn't be bothered to delay your response by taking the time to edit "zur" to read "yep."
Friend: My boyfriend couldn't even be bothered to come over for my birthday. What a twatwaffle!
Me: Zur!
by EmmaItalia23 February 06, 2015
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