When texting "Yup" the 1st word that shows up is Zur. At least on my shitty phone.
Girl: So you coming to my party? :)
Boy: Zur.
Girl: What!? D:
by xJohnnyxyz December 27, 2007
another word for yes, in some texting languages. used in t9 word on a cell phone. When you type the word "yup" it comes up as zur instead.
Person1: Hey.

Person2: Hi

Person1: so, did u enjoy that awesome party last night?

Person2: Zur. it was gr8. lolz
by haooinesssssssssssssssssssssss December 22, 2009
Derived from the word "zoophiliac." A furry that enjoys sexual intercourse with animals.
"You're such a zur; stop raping your dog."
by dramalem1 January 25, 2009
cool; awsome; rad;
"thats like totally zur"
by ihateyou16 April 22, 2009
A rather long gathering or strip of trees on the side of a road/street/highway/etc. that goes on for miles and miles usually on the right side of the road.
by YoumgMoney May 22, 2010
Slang combination of "yes sir".
Fan #1: Be at your house for the game at 4?
Fan #2: Zur.
by KateRish December 21, 2008

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