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to take off one's clothes
Janice aroused her boyfriend by stripping for him
by dramatic_hippi May 30, 2005
265 58
A popular street that is commonly traveled for flossin', usually at night.
I cant wait to hit the strip tonight, it's gonna be on and cracking!
by Red October 09, 2003
215 105
1)can be used to tell someone to take off their clothes

2)take something from someone

3)your block, or the proper way of saying, the neighborhood street you live on from corner to corner.
1)Ayo ma, if you "strip" your clothes I strip mine

2)Ayo I stripped that nigga jewels yo.

3)"My strip poppin like bacon in a pan" --Cassidy
by B iz brazy October 29, 2005
143 78
(1) to take off your clothes

(2) your neighborhood block from corner to corner

(3) to take something to someone
(1) "How about a game of Strip Poker?"

(2) "My strip poppin'like bacon in a pan" --Cassidy

(3) "Ayo I stripped that nigga for his jewelz, kid"
by B iz Brazy November 13, 2005
100 53
One of the most misunderstood of Colorguard termanology. It means to hold the silk to the pole so the silk is not visible.
Start at the Strip
Strip your flag
by WGGuardDuck February 06, 2010
51 48
ten doses of LSD
Nab me a strip.
by CadetMKultra February 11, 2004
64 68
The tight pants and shirt (or jersey) worn by a cyclist. Usually with matching design and featuring the advertising of bike product manufacturers, sponsors or a particular bike shop.
That cyclist was wearing one cool strip!
by foo_ September 09, 2006
41 55