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When a WHORE becomes famous and gets her name and number put on the men's/Ladie's bathroom room wall for handeling a large amount of people.
That Hoe will "gobble" your meat for beer, she got published above the pisser.

John: I called for a "throat job".
Hoe: Where you get dis number?
John: You is published on Lu and Joe's Wall.
Hoe: Bring me a beer, and meet me at the park and ride.
by Happy-Pappy September 06, 2006
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Used when trying to 'one up' your friends. Stated at the end of sentence.
Bill - "Hey John, I totally hit my wife last night"
John - "Oh yeah, well I ChrisBrown'd my wife!"
Bill - "Published!"
by R.Beard February 24, 2009
To be heavily intoxicated as a result of spending a prolonged period of time in a pub.
"My lord, I'm absolutely published."
by N Stavrakakis March 07, 2007

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