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Despite popular belief (from many pseudo-intellectuals, who don't understand him) Friedrich Nietzsche WAS, in-fact, an antisemite, and his views are very in-concordance with Nazi and Fascist ideologies, and individualism. Nietzsche was all about self-governance and individualism, and choosing one's fate. (Self-determination.)

In fact, in his book, Anti-Christ, he called the Jews "the strangest race on Earth and human history." And a "life-denying" people. He was very anti-Judeo-Christianity and Abrahamic religion (i.e. Christianity, Islam), believing that these Semitic values, contradicted human nature and made people weak, degenerate and life-denying. He believed that the values of Buddhism and paganism were far more legitimate in empowering people. Nietzsche was all about exercising individual's human nature and prejudices, because not doing so, would cost them power, and would make individuals weak and degenerate. It is fair to say that Nietzsche was in favor of both totalitarianism, as well as Tribalism/Anarchy, (opposite of totalitarianism) but as long as they exercised the individual's will-to-power, and there were no Untermenshen to disrupt the natural power process. (This means that Nietzsche would be, very in-favor of concepts such as racial segregation.)
People (mostly misinformed left-wingers, Marxists, or Utilitarians, or Anarchist teenagers, and other deceitful charlatans) who think that Friedrich Nietzsche wasn't an antisemite are total idiots, and clearly have not read many of his writings. The guy was totally and completely antisemitic.
by Kongamuse November 14, 2013
Some crazy guy who died alone that autists and other filthy subhumans love to quote in order to feel edgy and smarter than your average dumb cunt who has had sex.
Maybe you'll get laid if you didn't keep quoting Friedrich Nietzsche
by John Blur April 11, 2011

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