The Hottest guy on this planet, Although every guy seems to think he is gay. Hopeful thinking ;)
He is a well known-ish actor who starred in the disney film high school musical, which kicked of his career. He has done films before this also. His most reccent film is called 17 again.

Basically zac Efron=HOTNESS ;)
Wow zac efrons Hot.
by hheehhee June 04, 2009
a talentless, ugly man who stars in movies and makes people gag. he must be gay, his favorite color is tickle me pink. amen.
girl: wanna hear a joke?
boy: sure.
girl: what do you get, if a shark and an iguana had a human baby, and it had downsymndrome?
boy: O_o what?
girl: zac efron! DUH!
by omglikeyayitsme August 07, 2006
A really hot celeb who has starred in both film sensations Hairspray & High School Musical.He has a strange way of being ugly and cute.Sometimes at the same time.Lots of girls go crazy over him....Sluts.
"Oh,my gosh!That Zac Efron is SO fine!"
"He belongs in a museum for hotties!"
"You wish.Twitty little fangirls."
by Shiro's hope May 14, 2009
A gay guy who thinks he is so great but really isn't.
Dude #1 "Hey look it's Zac Efron!"

Dude #2 "Yeah but I don't give a crap about that guy."
by XEsay August 29, 2008
The Most sweet, attractive and humble person to ever see face to face. His talent grows every day and is a great actor, singer and dancer. HE IS ALSO SO HOT and belongs with me :D
me: oh man zac efron is so cute tonight
you: yeah he never looks bad, he is just naturally hot
by ibwz August 03, 2009
a hot and extremely talented actor and singer who stars in the awesomely popular high school musical franchise and hairspray among other amazing works. Zac is smart and funny not to mention the most humble guy on the planet with great hair
Zac Efron is sooooo hot and talented!!!!
I know he is amazing!
by ashleydisney August 19, 2008
hot as fire, in the tv show Summerland, in Hairspray, and was in the famous disney movie High School Musical 1 and 2 he is very hot and sexy girls go crazy for him. Guys think he gay and a fag but screw them. Also hes going to be in HSM 3.
Kristen: Wow who is that?!?
Jake: Thats Zac Efron hes a fag
Kristen: Screw you hes hot as fire
by RY-AN WOODS February 02, 2008

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