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15 definitions by XEsay

What you should tell strangers your age is because they are creepy and will remember stuff like that.
Creepy Pedophile: Hey you! How old are you?
Smart Kid: -7 on the Y axis!
Creepy Pedophile: WTF?
Smart Kid: *runs away*
by XEsay October 14, 2008
Acronym for "Dead President I'd Like to Fuck."
As we were watching a movie in Social Studies, my friend and I saw Abraham Lincoln, looked at eachother, and said, "DPILF."
by XEsay October 14, 2008
The random emoticon thing of a constipated person with a flower on their head.
Person on IM #1: (>.<*)
Person on IM #2: Put lard on your hands and shove them up your butt or get laxatives!
by XEsay December 23, 2008
A gay guy who thinks he is so great but really isn't.
Dude #1 "Hey look it's Zac Efron!"

Dude #2 "Yeah but I don't give a crap about that guy."
by XEsay August 29, 2008
a bag of poop, usually thrown at people you hate.
I made a huge poop bag, and I threw it at Miss Pizza Face Fugly-kins.
by XEsay July 20, 2008
Acronym for "Queer Ass Mother F***er." Person who is extremely annoying and use to go out with a person in the XEsay team. Also known as a military ass.
I hate QAMF he is so annoying and fugly!!
by XEsay July 20, 2008
Stands for Ass Hole. An A.H. tends to rape young boys and tease the girls.
I am a boy,and I lifted my shirt a little. Then A.H. looked! Friggin' petefile!
by XEsay July 20, 2008