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The worst show in the history of TV. A series about a snobby teen with a terrible accent that ceaselessly kicks your ass which comes out even worse when she sings. her songs make people puke. To say the least, Hannah Montana sucks.
Hannah Montana is a fucking loser
by wolverinerocks July 15, 2009
a word used to describe the completely useless, talentless ugly actress/singer Zac Efron. some claim its a guy, but if so he's obviously gay as his favorite hobby is to play with his mother's make-up. In short, a loser destined to be forgotten when he puts on a couple pounds or when he gets an overdose of cocaine.
Kid 1-What sexual position produces the ugliest children?
Kid 2-Uh-i dunno
Kid 1-Ask Zac Efron!
by wolverinerocks July 15, 2009
a language spoken by losers, a combination of Hebrew and English. many speakers are either orthodox jewish dudes or israelis or simply idiots who cant stop mixing these two incredibly different languages.
the hasidic guy kept speaking this heblish shit and i could not understand a thing he said.
by wolverinerocks July 14, 2009
The Hebrew word for shit
I did chara in Bob's face
by wolverinerocks July 15, 2009
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