swrew everyone else ! HE IS SOOOO FRIGGING HOT!
"dude that zac efron is such a faggot"
#sexy #bang #hot #sex #smokin
by blahh5028 March 19, 2008
hotter then your mother.
just plain hot.
the girls want to sex zac efron.
#sexy beast #sex #hot #hotter #smexy
by crapp December 23, 2007
Starred in many televisions shows, but had a recurring role on "Summerland" with Jesse McCarthy. Starred in "High School Musical" as Troy Bolton, "Hairspray" as Link Larkin, and will soon reprise his role of Troy in "High School Musical 2". A very talented singer and very good friend and pretty damn hott, too. He basically owns everyone in the world.
Girl 1: Who is that guy on the tv?
Girl 2: Oh, him? Thats Zac Efron.
Girl 2: Get in line, biotch.
#high school musical #troy bolton #hairspray #summerland #high school musical 2 #hott #smart #funny
by amandaislove January 10, 2007
He is lyke the greatest guy in the hole world. Srly. He is so hawt and kewl and i would completely die if i met him. He was in High Skewl Musical with Corbin Bleu, the guy with the most awesomest hair EVA. they play best friends, zac is troy bolton hottie basketball player who likes to sing and corbin is another hottie basketball player who doesnt like singing at all. He is also going to be in Hairspray as the ultra hunky extraordinare Link Larkin. He sings again in this movie two.

He is thought to be dating Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, or Brittany Snow. But really he is staying single for the day the he meets me. bcuz zac and i are so mfeo so we will be together 1day.
Kim: OMG. Did you hear who Zac Efron is dating?
AJ: Yes.
Kim: Why didnt you tell me?
AJ: Because I was supposed to keep it a secret! Now, shhh. Or well have to run away to Canada just to hide our love.
#zac efron #high school musical #link larkin #love #troy bolton #canada
by ajloveszac January 10, 2007
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