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a shithole town located in the inland empire right next to san bernadino. a small town made up of wiggers, and emo kids with nothing better to do then dirt bike, and smoke crystale meth. Dont let the pretty mountains fool you, yucaipa is a shit hole. fuck yucaipa, and fuck the inland empire if you wanna go to california dont waste your time by going to this god for saken place and go to orange county, or L.A.
yucaipa kid #1: Dude we are so rad, it is so rad we live in southern California!

yucaipa kid#2: yeah it is, hey the liquor store just got robbed wanna go smoke some more meth and then hang out at the rad new Mcdonolds for 4 hours?

yucaipa kid#1: yeah dude for shure and then lets go to the rad new starbucks! man this town is growing, the kids from "the O.C" have nothing on us!

yucaipa kid #2: alright dawg sounds tight for shizzel!
by fuckyucipa May 29, 2006
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This would be a great little town because it has a number of good places to eat, most of the people that live here are nice, and it's 20+ miles from Rialto.

There is, unfortunately, a widespread lack of parenting going on in Yucaipa. There are a number of high school students who obviously haven't met any real people that won't put up with their hobbies: running your mouth, acting like you're some kind of MMA champion who's earned the "right" to bully people, and running your mouth would be the three big ones. "Running your mouth" is listed twice because of the unprecedented popularity of the sport, and the preferred medium for effective execution is, without question, a moving vehicle (with extra points if you can shout from a tinted window opening that's one half inch or less. This protects your identity thus lowering the possibility of being recognized later, possibly resulting in unexpected ass-kickings in Stater's checkout lanes.

Other ways in which this popular pastime can be experienced include "Hide in the house and yell profanities and then giggle like a little girl", and "Hide in the bushes outside, and yell profanities and giggle like a little girl".

It only takes a few text-networking "Growing-Up-Gotti" eyebrow-plucking hoodie-fairies with "no stable father figure" and a mommy-coddled ego to cock up a whole neighborhood.
Trucks with loud pipes and loud drivers in Yucaipa.

Children with six fingers per hand could be from Yucaipa.

Kids that just got their driver's license that drive at 80 mph less than an inch from your back bumper because you talked to a girl that they know are most likely from Yucaipa.
by 0per September 28, 2011
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A crappy little city between Los Angeles and Palm Springs that most people have never heard of, though anyone that has ever driven on the I-10 in California has probably stopped there to get gas and take a shit.

Inhabited by bros and the kind of people you see at Wal-Mart. Its only redeeming quality is that it's a bastion of Republican support.
"Have you ever heard of Yucaipa?"

"Ummm... let me think... oh I think I stopped there once to take a dump on my way to Coachella."
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people here just smoke alot of pot...because they have nothing better to do.

its known for it's tweakers, too.

has some bad ass parties.

kid 1: do u know what yucaipa is?

kid 2: hell yeah...its a populated city full of bros and bro hoes. they can throw some bad ass parties there too.

kid 1: is it true that most people there smoke pot?

kid 2: hell yeah...everyone smokes pot there. this city is chill as FUCK!! FUCK THE HATERS OF YUCAIPA!!!
by C.A.R....bro hoe 4 lyf August 23, 2008
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Shittiest city in the IE. A small town of about 55,000 inhabited by skinheads or bros who have an ego 5 times bigger than themselves. Their daily activities consist of: dirt biking, smoking marijuana & crystal meth all day because they have nothing even remotely productive to do in their life with their sub-50 IQ.The women in Yucaipa are usually low self-esteemed redneck women that flock to these bros "bro-hoes". And then there are bonkers; usually Mexicans who 'shuffle' (a type of dance mimicking a person with down syndrome) & believe that by dressing outrageously flamboyant, they will gain "swagger".The people in Yucaipa are very ignorant and racist.The adults are mostly welfare-collecting rednecks who watch hours of NASCAR & consume about 5 gallons of beer a day & listen to country music 24/7 in their trailer home.Occasionally you will find an intelligent and respectable person in the mix, but very rarely so.The only good thing in the history of the world that the pathetic citizens of Yucaipa have ever done is create the Stater Bros. Markets back in 1936, and since then, they haven't (and probably never will) completed anything productive ever again.The academic test scores in Yucaipa are what you would expect to find in a mental hospital.Driving by, you may see the pretty San Bernadino Mts., but don't let it fool you.If you come to California, don't even bother coming to the Inland Empire. Go to Los Angeles or Orange County or San Diego.
Innocent Tourists driving by: "Oh honey, look at those beautiful mountains! Seems like such a nice city."

Person who has lived in Yucaipa for 5 years: "Oh trust me, it's a piece of shit city. Don't even bother coming here. You're better off going to Los Angeles or Orange County or San Diego.
Bros speaking to another Bro
Bro1: "Hey wats up man wanna go dirtbiking later 2day?"
Bro2: "sure, i dont have anything else 2 do"
by raaaleeeigh January 03, 2012
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bro nation!!! its a pretty shitty town where bros think they are the shit but they are not!! they are all little bitches and act like hard asses!!! it would be an alright town if there was more to do but there isnt shit to do sooo... but watch out for the gay mother fucking bros that think they are the shit with their big lifted trucks and what not!! they talk shit but dont really back it up!!
yucaipa is a crappy bro town!! the bros also think they are the shit at dirtbiking!
bro: hit me pussy!!!
kid: OK! (punch)
bro: o hell no im gonna beat ur ass!
kid: (beats the shit out of him)
bro: little faggot u better watch ur back!
kid: ok! what are u gonna do u cant back shit up!!
bro: (drives away in his lifetd truck)

bros have lifted trucks because the feel insicre about themselves and think tht haveing a lifted truck will help tht haha but it doesnt!! they think it makes them tuougher but they arent!! and they think they are cool cause they live in yucaipa.
by hahalala August 08, 2006
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Peice of shit conservative town. Full of racist, homophobic, and sexist assholes. The streets are full of spoiled teens driving oversized pickup trucks their parents bought. 80% of the population are trump supporters and former KKK members. AVOID YUCAIPA AT ALL COSTS
Yucaipa resident: " wow, today I feel like driving around in my truck and complaining about marriage equality."
by TyJeffS July 30, 2016
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