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a shithole town located in the inland empire right next to san bernadino. a small town made up of wiggers, and emo kids with nothing better to do then dirt bike, and smoke crystale meth. Dont let the pretty mountains fool you, yucaipa is a shit hole. fuck yucaipa, and fuck the inland empire if you wanna go to california dont waste your time by going to this god for saken place and go to orange county, or L.A.
yucaipa kid #1: Dude we are so rad, it is so rad we live in southern California!

yucaipa kid#2: yeah it is, hey the liquor store just got robbed wanna go smoke some more meth and then hang out at the rad new Mcdonolds for 4 hours?

yucaipa kid#1: yeah dude for shure and then lets go to the rad new starbucks! man this town is growing, the kids from "the O.C" have nothing on us!

yucaipa kid #2: alright dawg sounds tight for shizzel!
by fuckyucipa May 29, 2006

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