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the burnt edge on a fried egg
Mom: What do you want for breakfast?
Jamie: I'll have fried eggs - but no shizzel!
by june t August 11, 2014
the frizzy paper stuff on the side of a piece of paper that you pull out of a notebook.
"When my math teacher collected my homework, she asked me to remove the shizzel from my paper."
by Some person... December 07, 2006
Used for confirmation. Means "Sure" or "certain", can also be used in place of "You know it"
Fo' Shizzel my Nizzel
by Phatty April 22, 2005
something shit hot, really cool and unique and your the first one to discover it to all your friends.
kurt butler's belt that is the shizzel lmao !
by Buller October 10, 2006
those you think they are snoop-dogg. Or think they are "pimpin'" By acting like snoop-dogg.
People who use the words "homie" "fo-shizzel (any words that rhyms with "shizzel") "_-dawg" Or people who put "zz" on the end of words... such as nufinkzz... Laterzz... and words that they spell retardedly to begin with. People who call "50 cent" "fitty"
by I should tell you why? December 22, 2005
its the dope, bomb, bangin,sweet shit
like is that some shizzel your doing or are you just happy to see me
by p-ditty August 10, 2003
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