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bro nation!!! its a pretty shitty town where bros think they are the shit but they are not!! they are all little bitches and act like hard asses!!! it would be an alright town if there was more to do but there isnt shit to do sooo... but watch out for the gay mother fucking bros that think they are the shit with their big lifted trucks and what not!! they talk shit but dont really back it up!!
yucaipa is a crappy bro town!! the bros also think they are the shit at dirtbiking!
bro: hit me pussy!!!
kid: OK! (punch)
bro: o hell no im gonna beat ur ass!
kid: (beats the shit out of him)
bro: little faggot u better watch ur back!
kid: ok! what are u gonna do u cant back shit up!!
bro: (drives away in his lifetd truck)

bros have lifted trucks because the feel insicre about themselves and think tht haveing a lifted truck will help tht haha but it doesnt!! they think it makes them tuougher but they arent!! and they think they are cool cause they live in yucaipa.
by hahalala August 08, 2006

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