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Shittiest city in the IE. A small town of about 55,000 inhabited by skinheads or bros who have an ego 5 times bigger than themselves. Their daily activities consist of: dirt biking, smoking marijuana & crystal meth all day because they have nothing even remotely productive to do in their life with their sub-50 IQ.The women in Yucaipa are usually low self-esteemed redneck women that flock to these bros "bro-hoes". And then there are bonkers; usually Mexicans who 'shuffle' (a type of dance mimicking a person with down syndrome) & believe that by dressing outrageously flamboyant, they will gain "swagger".The people in Yucaipa are very ignorant and racist.The adults are mostly welfare-collecting rednecks who watch hours of NASCAR & consume about 5 gallons of beer a day & listen to country music 24/7 in their trailer home.Occasionally you will find an intelligent and respectable person in the mix, but very rarely so.The only good thing in the history of the world that the pathetic citizens of Yucaipa have ever done is create the Stater Bros. Markets back in 1936, and since then, they haven't (and probably never will) completed anything productive ever again.The academic test scores in Yucaipa are what you would expect to find in a mental hospital.Driving by, you may see the pretty San Bernadino Mts., but don't let it fool you.If you come to California, don't even bother coming to the Inland Empire. Go to Los Angeles or Orange County or San Diego.
Innocent Tourists driving by: "Oh honey, look at those beautiful mountains! Seems like such a nice city."

Person who has lived in Yucaipa for 5 years: "Oh trust me, it's a piece of shit city. Don't even bother coming here. You're better off going to Los Angeles or Orange County or San Diego.
Bros speaking to another Bro
Bro1: "Hey wats up man wanna go dirtbiking later 2day?"
Bro2: "sure, i dont have anything else 2 do"
by raaaleeeigh January 03, 2012

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