1. Used to ignore the negative aspects of a previous statement or comment.

2. To be used after a long period of laughter on a stupid/lame joke.

3. Used to piss someone off after they have spoken.
a) "Shit! You nearly hit that old guy!" (relpy) "hehe.... yeeeeah"

b) "Washing machines turn me on"
(reply) "hehehehe, hehehe, hehe, he, yeeeeah.."
by Oniken + Bluelance September 21, 2003
1.Song by Usher
2.A way to respond to something
3.Something Lil Jon always say,also with okae,and what.
1.You heard that song by Usher "Yeah"?
Boy:You wanna go wit me?
Girl:Iono..hmmm yeah I guess.(lol)
by Jamella March 08, 2004
In conversation: A yes or no response

In texting: A conversation killer
Jeff: I think the history tests are getting harder and harder by the week, and whenever I try and ask for help, she brushes me off as not worth it or something. I swear, that woman has some problems.

Julie: Yeah.
by Prof. Goldman June 30, 2012
No; typically used in a sarcastic and outrageous manner; must be said emphatically and accompanied by a fist pump.
Person #1 says, "George W. Bush is a tremendous President" to which person #2 responds, "YEAH!!!"
by Bestguys January 01, 2006
Furiously making out
Girl: My boyfriend and I well, we yeahed last night
Boy: I bet I could yeah better than him...
by timetofood March 03, 2013
1. A word used as filler when being talked at.

2. Something you say to make people think you are listening to them.
Mary: ....so after the pictures surfaced I transferred to Dumbshit College where I eventually got my Bachelor's Degree in Business...
Joe: Yeah.
Mary: ... and then I found my daddy in a dumpster..
Joe: oh cool, yeah.
by plumage March 10, 2011
What one says at the end of an embarrassing, awkward, or boring conversation.
Bill: ...And that's basically how I got into midget porn. Yeah...

Bob: So then I said that I should have it my way because it is Burger King, and I thought I was gonna kicked but I didn't so I ate my fries then left. Yeah...
by Dr. T. Awesome June 29, 2010
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