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BEST WORD EVER. It is the equivalent of an orgasm. When this word is moaned it turns everyone on. People receive pure joy from this simple 4 letter word.
Boy: Did you go to the mall today?
Girl: (sweetly) Yeah
Boy: (gets hard)
by SoccerPlayer23 June 22, 2009
1.Song by Usher
2.A way to respond to something
3.Something Lil Jon always say,also with okae,and what.
1.You heard that song by Usher "Yeah"?
Boy:You wanna go wit me?
Girl:Iono..hmmm yeah I guess.(lol)
by Jamella March 08, 2004
Yeah: 1) Alternative of 42; the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
2) The word you say when you're mind goes blank.

3) The word you say when you're not paying attention to what someone else is saying.

4) Yes.

5) Can take place of virtually any noun or verb.
1) "Deep Thought, what IS the answer to life, the universe, and everything?" "Yeah."
2) announcer: ...and here he is, the director of the Titantic- JAMES CAMERON!
James: :D yeaahh...
3) Stupid Ass Prep Girl Who's Hitting On Emo Guy: OMG! Today I went to the mall, and I bought some new shirts at American Eagle! Then we went to Clairs and I got new pink earrings!!!!! YAY!!
Emo Guy Who Wants Preps To Burn In Hell: yeah.

4) Sexy Person1: Wanna fuck?
Sexy Person2: YEAH!!!
5) Today I plan to yeah with my yeah. Then after yeahing I'm gunna go yeah to Sophie. Yeah, it's totally gunna be a yeah day!
by Iluvscreamy May 17, 2010
1. A word used as filler when being talked at.

2. Something you say to make people think you are listening to them.
Mary: ....so after the pictures surfaced I transferred to Dumbshit College where I eventually got my Bachelor's Degree in Business...
Joe: Yeah.
Mary: ... and then I found my daddy in a dumpster..
Joe: oh cool, yeah.
by plumage March 10, 2011
A word used as a filler in many conversations in real life and in online chatting.

Used to fill space during awkward silences (see example 1), boring conversations, or when you don't have anything to say because you didn't pay attention (see example 2).

Often used in conjunction with um, uh totally and definitely. (see examples)

Also used when a bad joke falls flat. (see example 3)
Example 1:

Joe: I like men.

John: um yeah...

(awkward silence)

Example 2:

Jenny: blah blah...and then we totally ditched him and went out to the mall. He deserved it right?

Adam: (snaps back into attention) uh yeah. totally.

Example 3:


Tom: ...yeah...
by La Dolce Malattia (epik high) January 12, 2011
What one says at the end of an embarrassing, awkward, or boring conversation.
Bill: ...And that's basically how I got into midget porn. Yeah...

Bob: So then I said that I should have it my way because it is Burger King, and I thought I was gonna kicked but I didn't so I ate my fries then left. Yeah...
by Dr. T. Awesome June 29, 2010
A word often repeated constantly by a woman while faking orgasm during sex with that special someone she met yesterday. The repetition of this word irritates the guy(or the girl, whatever) who's doing her.
Monica and Raj having sex while watching a football/soccer match...
Monica: Yeah,yeah, yeah, ok, hmm, no Get Out!, yeah, yeah, gooooooaaaal,goal, goal, yeah, yeah!!!
Raj: That's it. You turned me gay. I am going to John.
Monica: Uh...mm.. I don't think John is gay.
Raj: How do YOU know that?
Monica: ...I had sex with him yesterday.
Raj: Oh ya I know that. He turned gay right after that.
Monica: Holy crap! I'm on quite a run...of turning people gay.
Raj: Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Monica: Absolutely not.
Raj:I mean that's fine if that's who you are. People's personal sexual preferences are nobody's business but their own.
Monica: Yeah, yeah yeah yeah!
Raj: Are you agreeing with me or faking orgasm?
Monica: Both.
Raj: You need help.
Monica:Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!