i word that signals the end of a conversation. that one of the participants in the conversation has lost interest. often used in text messaging and causes frustration.
Tom: hey whats up?

Susie: not a whole lot hbu?

Tom: just got back from work. how was your day?

Susie: it was fine

Tom: at least you didnt have to work.

Susie: yeah
by pstubb89 August 23, 2009
meaning to have sex
hey girl when you gonna let me yeah?

did yall yeah last night?

nah she ain't let me yeah last night...
by coxk August 06, 2009
Added to an exclamation to emphasize any emotion. Often used to mock a word or phrase said by someone else.
Person A: I am so hungry I can eat a house, but I will settle for a chocolate donut---with sprinkles.


by YEAHPSEUDONYM March 10, 2009
A certain breed of Yankee, cracker of the male or female persuasion who thinks they're smarter than the average person -- their tastes more refined, their penchant to derive 'meaning' more pronounced. This person is typically between the ages of 15 and 19. They're not particularly well-read (though they think they are because they've read Invisible Monsters AND Survivor ). Their knowledge of music consists almost entirely of the recent Pitchforkmedia canon and maybe the Velvet Underground. If they like rap at all, their favorite artist is probably Kayne West. And when it comes to film, they crave stale, borderline offensive shit like, "Donnie Darko". In fact, the main character of Donnie Darko is the patron saint. The character's disenchantment with suburban cracker culture resonates with our hypocritical young teen. Like the Donnie Darko guy, this kid can't actually leave suburban cracker culture behind, cultivating a distinct personality, considering the world, music, film, on radically different terms. That would involve far too much work for our young teen, who'd rather fake it than make it. They detest the generic white-washed culture so much, yet conform to every idea prolonged by the rebellious mainstream. They keep other cultures at arms length, arrogantly holding their nose. Their old friends and family tolerate them because everyone knows they haven't gone nearly as far as they think they have and that they'll eventually come back to where it started. They generally travel in large groups.

When you say "Yeah" you've got to yell it as if you're proclaiming your contentment for rock music.

A "yeah" could also be known as a "caress". Under different circumstances, that is.
"Yo, Mandave, you see Laura, Haley and Dan today?"

"Yeah, those guys are a bunch of yeahs. Most of people who hang with them at Matheson are a bunch of yeahs."
by Mandave Involved February 05, 2006
In New Orleans the word "Yeah" adds emphasis to the end of a already positive sentence.
I went to the store earlier, yeah

I failed that test, yeah

Can also be used for "No" in negative sentences:

Man, I didn't pass that test yesterday, no
by Lil Mika November 16, 2005
A word used to ignore what the fuck someone is babaling on about
Girl - Guess what john
Guy - yeah?
Girl- Today I got new shoes and I went an got my hair done and I.. OMG AN DID I TELL YOU I saw my friend today we talked about first grade then later we had starbucks together
Guy - oh yeah?

Girl - YES it was so cool do you want to fuck?
Guy - hell yes
by Urban poot October 09, 2009
A word used when you have absolutely no idea of what others are talking about, usually accompanied with a stupid look and a half open mouth:
Jeff: a seyfert galaxy, 65789000978765 million light years away from us was swallowed by the 43001 black hole, 6556378 years ago!!!!

Joe: yeah, yeah!
by Shzz August 30, 2009
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