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5 definitions by RickeyBaltimore

1.) to ask what is going on

2.) to be updated on a situation
1.) Homeboy #1: "Whats Goody nigga i aint holla at you in a minute!"
Homeboy #2: "Im Goody nigga, where da whores at?"

2.) Yo #1: "Yo, Chris got hit by a car!"
Yo #2: "Aww Man, Whats Goody with him, is he aight?"
by RickeyBaltimore November 25, 2005
Background: Baltimore City, Maryland

1.) the substitute for any word

2.) the word used for any thing positive

3.) to have sex

4.) weed

5.) a response to anything
1.) "Yo, im about to yeah with yeah real quick"

2.) Yo #1: "Yo!, i just found 20 dollaz in the grass!"
Yo #2: "Damn, Thats dat yeah right there"

3.) Homeboy #1: "Yo, Where u bout to go mayn?"
Homeboy #2: "That whore Kiesha said she want me to come yeah and shit."

4.) Fiend #1: "Yo u straight? You got sum Yeah?"
DopeBoy #1: "Yeah mayn, i got dinos and nicks"
by RickeyBaltimore December 26, 2005
1.) Money, paper, cake, cheese, chedda

2.) Short for GAUCAMOLE (which is a GREEN food, which hints the use of it being slang for money.)

1.) "Yo, i need to start hustling so i can start gettin' that gauc!"

2.) "Yo these chips dry as a whore, yaw aint got no gauc?"
by RickeyBaltimore November 25, 2005
1.) the act of dunking on someone in a basketball game.

2.) the act of stealing.

3.) to copy.

4.) to eat excessively.
1.) Yo! did u see Amare Stoudamire yammin' on Yao Ming last night?

2.) Yo, I think that whore that be selling them computers be yammin' them bitches.

3.) Yo, Why the fuck each time i wear black he wear black! Homeboy be yammin' like shit

4.) Ay Yo, i was yammin' at McDonalds today.
by RickeyBaltimore November 25, 2005
1.) to agree with a previous statement

2.) anything positive (can be a substitution for any word)

3.) weed

4.) a response to settle a situation (usually said after the laughter of a funny joke)

5.) to fuck, have sex
1.) Nard: "Yo, that car hard as shit"
Boy: "Yeah mayn"

2.) Dub: "Ay Yo, i just found 200 dollars in the grass yo.
B: "Oh shit, Thats that Yeah yo"

3.) Taps: "Yo, U got sum Yeah on you"
Q: "Yeah, but i only got 10's"

4.) Smoo: "HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHH........Yeah..."

5.) Yo #1: "Yo, shorty just called, she want me to come thru and yeah!"
Yo #2: "Dat's Wassup, u better hop on that!"
by RickeyBaltimore November 25, 2005