A word often repeated constantly by a woman while faking orgasm during sex with that special someone she met yesterday. The repetition of this word irritates the guy(or the girl, whatever) who's doing her.
Monica and Raj having sex while watching a football/soccer match...
Monica: Yeah,yeah, yeah, ok, hmm, no Get Out!, yeah, yeah, gooooooaaaal,goal, goal, yeah, yeah!!!
Raj: That's it. You turned me gay. I am going to John.
Monica: Uh...mm.. I don't think John is gay.
Raj: How do YOU know that?
Monica: ...I had sex with him yesterday.
Raj: Oh ya I know that. He turned gay right after that.
Monica: Holy crap! I'm on quite a run...of turning people gay.
Raj: Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Monica: Absolutely not.
Raj:I mean that's fine if that's who you are. People's personal sexual preferences are nobody's business but their own.
Monica: Yeah, yeah yeah yeah!
Raj: Are you agreeing with me or faking orgasm?
Monica: Both.
Raj: You need help.
Monica:Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!
Noun: A female of extreme beauty or "hotness" This word is also applicable to males but is widely used by males. The term is comes from simple "water cooler" questions asked in everyday conversations between relatively close or really close friends in reference to said person's desire to fornicate with the individual at hand. "Hey, would you fuck her?" answer "Yeah.". The answer has become a personification of one with high physical attractiveness.
Example 1: Person 1: "Hey, look at her! She's a yeah."

Person 2: "A yeah?"

Person 1: "Would you fuck her?"

Person 2: "Yeah."

Person 1: "Then she's a yeah."

Person 2: "Oh."

Example 2: (While driving; an attractive girl walks by)

Driver: Yeah?

Passenger: "Yeah."

Driver: "Fuckin rights."
by PolishCoyote November 07, 2012
When someone says something to you and u wernt paying attention just say yeah.....
Katie: So what do you want to do tomorrow night?
Brina: ummm yeah......
Katie: what the fuck i aasked you a question!
Brina: oh wait what?
by JELLYBEANMONSTER October 24, 2009
It's what you say when a hot chick asks you to fuck her.
Girl - "Wanna fuck?" You - "Yeah!"
by Mr. Feel GOOD December 04, 2008
No; typically used in a sarcastic and outrageous manner; must be said emphatically and accompanied by a fist pump.
Person #1 says, "George W. Bush is a tremendous President" to which person #2 responds, "YEAH!!!"
by Bestguys January 01, 2006
Background: Baltimore City, Maryland

1.) the substitute for any word

2.) the word used for any thing positive

3.) to have sex

4.) weed

5.) a response to anything
1.) "Yo, im about to yeah with yeah real quick"

2.) Yo #1: "Yo!, i just found 20 dollaz in the grass!"
Yo #2: "Damn, Thats dat yeah right there"

3.) Homeboy #1: "Yo, Where u bout to go mayn?"
Homeboy #2: "That whore Kiesha said she want me to come yeah and shit."

4.) Fiend #1: "Yo u straight? You got sum Yeah?"
DopeBoy #1: "Yeah mayn, i got dinos and nicks"
by RickeyBaltimore December 26, 2005
itr means yes, yup, yea. And it is what lil jon is famous for saying.
In the begining of "What u gonna do" lil jon says Yeah!!!.
by Alex December 30, 2004

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