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Extreme Christian conservative program that pretends to be "news" but which filters everything through a redneck, bigoted viewpoint. Hosted by Pat Robertson, the anti-Christ, who spends most of his time threatening hellfire and asking for more money.
Watching the 700 Club gave me simultaneous intense nausea and explosive diarrhea.
by Abudoobie January 09, 2006
Derogatory term used by Massholes to describe Mainers who drive properly (i.e., without cutting anyone off or flipping off the state patrol).
I'd rather be a Mainiac than a Masshole.
by Abudoobie January 09, 2006
"Compassionate Conservative."
I am a compassionate conservative. Please excuse me, I need to go join the army so I can kill - no, I mean "help" - the people in Iraq.

How come some people can have examples without the word and I can't?

by Abudoobie January 09, 2006
The correct spelling for the word commonly pronounced, "yah."

It's not spelled ya.

It's not spelled yea.

It's not spelled yah.

It's spelled YEAH.
So, yeah. You finally learned to spell. Nice!
by Abudoobie January 09, 2006
The WRONG way to spell the word yeah.
If you spell "yeah" "yah," you're an idiot.
by Abudoobie January 09, 2006
1. The idea that enforcing weapon laws and limiting the amount of guns that are sold - and to whom - will reduce crimes committed with said weapons.

2. A concept often called "unconstitutional" by the same redneck "Christians" who want the Ten Commandments displayed in federal buildings. Strikes fear into their shrivelled hearts despite the fact that the guns in question are usually machine guns and the like, as opposed to the rifles they like to use when they go 'coon shootin' in the dump out behind the trailer park.
It's hard to commit a crime with a gun if you can't get one. Gun control helps take weapons out the hands of those not responsible enough to deserve them. This is not a difficult concept.
by Abudoobie January 09, 2006
1. Something ELSE for teenagers to whine about, as if they needed anything more.

2. Work given by teachers to be completed outside the classroom, intended to reinforce learning so the ungrateful little fuckers might actually learn something instead of spending all their time talking on the phone about who screwed who or participating in worthless extra-curricular activities such as football and cheerleading.
Stop adding idiotic definitions here, shut the fuck up, and go do your fucking homework.
by Abudoobie January 09, 2006

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