something annoying that everyones says after seeing the chappells show
teacher: wake up
student: whattt!!!
teacher: sit up
teacher: can u just sit there and listen
student: yeah!!!
by christal April 02, 2004
Furiously making out
Girl: My boyfriend and I well, we yeahed last night
Boy: I bet I could yeah better than him...
by timetofood March 03, 2013
Another word used to describe the feeling, want or talking of sex. Commonly used when you want some or just got some.
Yo I'm tryn get some yeah this weekend.

What you do this weekend?

I was chillen wit my girls but I went and meet up wit this boy got some good yeah or what eva
by Brandss1 March 13, 2009
exclaimation of positive excitement, brought back in to circulation by lil' jon and the east side boys.
lil' jon yells... "YEAH!! what? OKAY!"
by debzta January 04, 2005
1. ends a sentence that is a question

2. when used twice can describe anything

3. a one word answer to something you have no other answer for..(synonym for "yes")
1. you're going to the show yeah?

2. hey, you wanna yeah yeah?

3. yeah.
by meandyoucollide January 26, 2005
a way to say yes. awesome. cool. a form of praise.
yeah homie!yeah boo! yeah baby!
by t'sgirl September 28, 2004
A word used when you have absolutely no idea of what others are talking about, usually accompanied with a stupid look and a half open mouth:
Jeff: a seyfert galaxy, 65789000978765 million light years away from us was swallowed by the 43001 black hole, 6556378 years ago!!!!

Joe: yeah, yeah!
by Shzz August 30, 2009

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