Woft. (verb)
Technically it stands for : Waste Of Freakin Time = w.o.f.t.

Used to describe someone who IS a waste of freaking time or someone thats really annoying or repetitively making stupid mistakes.
Ugh that b**** is being such a Woft

Can she, like, stop, wofting the eff around?
by Peridubs August 21, 2010
Top Definition
Acronym for "Waste Of Fucking Time". Very useful in the modern corporate environment.
That last meeting was a total woft.
by Zog The Undeniable January 23, 2004
the act of waving the smell of a fart toward another person as to share your "gift" with others
I totally wofted my fart at you. Enjoy!
by JPJamal June 26, 2009
Warrant Officer Flight Training, a US Army program to produce mostly Rotary Wing Aviators holding ranks between Warrant Officer 1 and Chief Warrant Officer 5. It is conducted at Ft. Rucker, Alabama.
James is going into WOFT at to become a US Army helicopter pilot.
by Apache Longbow Chief August 19, 2010
The method of fanning away a smell.
Shawna used her blankets to woft a fart towards Tyler.
by Turtle Thruster June 28, 2014
Waste of Fucking Time.

Often used in reference to useless females.
"Man, this girl gave me a handjob and expected that to be that, didn't finish the job. What a WOFT."
by Maness April 05, 2006
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