Woft. (verb)
Technically it stands for : Waste Of Freakin Time = w.o.f.t.

Used to describe someone who IS a waste of freaking time or someone thats really annoying or repetitively making stupid mistakes.
Ugh that b**** is being such a Woft

Can she, like, stop, wofting the eff around?
by Peridubs August 21, 2010
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Acronym for "Waste Of Fucking Time". Very useful in the modern corporate environment.
That last meeting was a total woft.
by Zog The Undeniable January 23, 2004
the act of waving the smell of a fart toward another person as to share your "gift" with others
I totally wofted my fart at you. Enjoy!
by JPJamal June 26, 2009
The method of fanning away a smell.
Shawna used her blankets to woft a fart towards Tyler.
by Turtle Thruster June 28, 2014
Warrant Officer Flight Training, a US Army program to produce mostly Rotary Wing Aviators holding ranks between Warrant Officer 1 and Chief Warrant Officer 5. It is conducted at Ft. Rucker, Alabama.
James is going into WOFT at to become a US Army helicopter pilot.
by Apache Longbow Chief August 19, 2010
Waste of Fucking Time.

Often used in reference to useless females.
"Man, this girl gave me a handjob and expected that to be that, didn't finish the job. What a WOFT."
by Maness April 05, 2006

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