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Shawna is the name used to describe hotties that have brown hair,beautiful green eyes, and a very bootilicious booty.
Whoa, check out that Shawna over there, she is bootilicious.
by Dizzy101 August 05, 2006
A very beautiful, fun to be around, talking to her is a joy.
Wonder if Shawna will smile when she reads this ^.^

~Dallas the hell >.<~
by Mastropolo November 22, 2007
A beautiful girl who any guy would be lucky to have. She loves long relationships and is eays love.♥ She has gotten her heart broken by a few guys so she is delicate. She loves to cuddle and adores being loved. She likes when guys flirt. But not to much. She also can be a bad ass if needed and can throw a had punch or two. Don't underestimate this girl.
Person1:"Woah that girl over there is Shawna.!"
Person2: " Yea shes the perfect girlfriend."
by kissmeintherain123 October 23, 2011
A very fun, bright, beautiful, and hot girl who is always a joy to be around. She wants love just as much as anyone else and would be happy with a boyfriend. She has so many secrets built up inside her she just might explode. She is scared to speak her opinion because of what people might think. Too many people have been mean to her so she gets hurt easily. she loves friends and there are so many people that she wants as her friend but doesn't know how to tell or talk to them. If you ever find a Shawna never let her go. Hold her and love her. She will always be there for everyone she loves. You can always depend on a Shawna.
popular girl) you know who i wanna be like?
best friend) who?
popular girl) i wanna be like shawna. shes so cool and amazing. shes a really good person.
best friend) me too, lets go talk to her!
by awesome best friend April 14, 2013
A person who is a awesome friend, teacher, farmer, and she is also known as mama-B to some people. She doesn't let people get her down. she is also the best person for advice and support.
She is so shawna
by John Deere January 29, 2015
The name given to all gold hair green eyed angels after being stripped of their wings and sent to earth. The first was a gold winged angel that god had created for his own pleasure. He named her Gold and instantly became infuated with her flawless beauty and the sweet taste of sin. During day 43 of God and Golds whiskey and angel dust fuled fuck fest, an asteroid struck the earth. Realizing this bitch was bad news for the universe he was responsible of he did what any god would do. With tears in his eyes and Buck Cherry "crazy bitch" blairing threw out the heavens. He snorted one last line off of her ass that was so perfect he'd never be able to create another like it. Ripped her gold wings from her back and threw her to earth. Followed my her golden wings and his diamond tears. He then set a new law in heaven that any angel born with gold wings will not be named and shall be stripped of their wings and sent to earth. The law was known as Scentenced to Humanity Afore Winsomness induces Nympholepsy in the Almighty or Shawna. This is why any man that is lucky enoughf to find a Shawna instinctual gives her a ring made of gold feathers and diamond tears.
Shawna get naked and make me a sandwich.
by Newbreed175 October 06, 2015
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