Black Hair
Dreamy Brown Eyes
Super Hot
Shy Nice Crazy Outgoing
Will is The best.
by cheyguyloveswhey February 20, 2015
A nice boy who loves to be the center of attention. Very talented, shows off and you can't help wanting him. The boy of your dreams. Has a bright future ahead if him.
"Who's that guy over there showing off?"
"Oh that's Will I wish he liked me!"
by Hotdancer November 30, 2013
Stands for Wild Insane Loud Language.

Anger induced Tourette's Syndrome. W.I.L.L. can be heard when people play COD and begin to lose. Supposedly experienced for two reasons: the fun of raging, and because one is actually losing. Consists of lots of F's, S's, N's, GD's, J's, and pretty much every other known curse word.

W.I.L.L. is a very serious and very contagious disease. If someone you know contracts it, seek help immediately. Do not approach someone with W.I.L.L. alone, for this can be hazardous to your personal health. NEVER EVER EVER suggest they put down the video game. This will surely result in bodily harm.
Gamer 1: G**damn motherf**king piece of s**t bastards!!! F**KING F**K!!!!!!!!!

Gamer 2: Dude... You sound like you just caught W.I.L.L.

Gamer 1: F**k you, man! I'm playing with my frat brothers and our KDR is under 1...

Gamer 2: Ohhh... yea. You've got W.I.L.L. but with good cause.
by blukittygeek January 04, 2012
the act of having gay sex. but only between two guys. because the term wills is not good enough to encompass the awesomeitude of having lesbian sex
that guy got wills'd

they were willsing last night
by fatty mchugelarge January 13, 2006
Will is a brown haired, brown eyed beauty. He is the most kindest person you'll ever meet and is totally honest. Wills have a amazing capability to get through even the toughest times without causing too much damage. They will change your life forever, never let them go. Wills are usually small and skinny but they're perfect that way. They easily get the girls but prefer to wait for that one special one, usually a red head. Never let go of a will, they're just too special.
"Wow he's beautiful"

"Yep that's will
by MarleyK March 16, 2013
An extreme melt hot guy with deep,icy blue eyes and adorable blonde hair. He has a buff body and pretty much everything about his looks are sexy. He's kind of pissy and a bit of a brat but it doesn't matter because all girls on earth agree that will is sex on legs.
Jenny: oh my god will is sooo hot I don't care if he's an older man and super annoying!
Kat: I know! His eyes are amazing and he's just so sexy!
by Jendio October 30, 2011
A pIece of shit that fucks over everything he does
Quit being a Will and fucking over the Altos!
by Barack Osama51 October 14, 2015

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