A sensitive, horny, stoner who lifts because he wants to be manly and reads a lot of books because he wants to be a grammar Nazi.
I met a Will at a party the other night, and he followed me around the whole time and was a totally weirdo.
by thatmarkovkagirl September 26, 2013
a paedophile who often dresses as a clown to attract victims
that wills is creeping me out
by ShlongDongSilver November 01, 2009
A overgrown hot dork who is cute in a way. He has a beard and walks like an bear on something. He makes people laugh and one day he is going to be the sexiest man on earth. He is tall and has all the girls running after him because he makes them laugh. He loves mexicans and black people. He is the one person that will make a great boyfriend and he is great in bed. He can make your bed rock like an earthquake 9.9!!!!!
Girl #1: Look at Will
Girl#2: OMG he is so funny
Girl #1: He's kind cute
Girl #3: I lost my V card to him
Girl #2: I did two
by cattiechico February 13, 2013
Loves to sing while mistakenly thinking he is on mute. Eats Balut morning noon and night. Brushes his teeth with fish oil. Holds the record for most single vehicle car accidents. Makes outbound calls and desktop visit to his own "clients". Worst Spock ever.
Will is extremely effeminate.
by sXe_89 March 20, 2013
synonym for any nickname including the word ass.
You're such a wills.
by merb- April 26, 2011
Wills is a slang term, meaning a working girl who takes calls for a living. It is also the name of Elise , Harlot, Scarlet, Wills. Someone with a loose cannon attitude, branded as being a thoughtful person who would harm herself before putting others at risk. To be called a Wills is the highest compliment someone can accept, but when connected with the name Elise or Harlot it’s typically meant as an insult implying, cheap, recycled, trash, bogun.
You get around like a Wills...
by Brad Burner April 09, 2007
Usually a guy of around 5.8 foot to 6foot
Has a strange haircut and spends more time in front of the mirror than a model, will.. Will usually have strange features i.e an up turned nose that makes him look animal like and fucked up ears. Generally a stupid guy.
I swear i just saw a human pig

Yea it was probably just will
by This idiot May 07, 2013

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