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Short for deredere (デレデレ), the counterpart of tsuntsun (ツンツン). Usually, but not always in reference to anime or manga.

1. Exhausted.
2. Lovestruck.
3. When a person becomes spoony in front of his/her lover
Person 1: My friend used to hate playing MMOs, but recently they've been drawing him in again.
Person 2: He's so dere.
by Gurren Lagann Squad July 15, 2010
(n.) 1. Some New Yorker trying to say "There."
"Is it here?" "No, it's dere." "Where?" "Dere!" "I don't understand..." "FOGEDDABODDIT!"
by Razukin December 01, 2002
A slang term used by french cape bretoners at the end of pretty much every sentence. Supposed to mean there but wouldnt make sense if it did.
Me dere I'm going to da store dere

Rheal dere stole my bike dere
by The French Cape Bretoner October 20, 2005
There....da ghetto way of sayin there
yo azi u goin to Suliz party..
azi responds: hell yea im goin dere
by Aziaziad December 03, 2003
Pronounced like dairy, a term derived from 'derelict' to be used as a friendly insult amongst friends, most commonly after a blunt is smoked and someone either gets lost or drops something
Donnie had to drive 2 miles to his house, but in his haze ended up in another county, when told this, i responded, WHAT A DERE!
by K_Dizzle May 22, 2007
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