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somebody who does not like to be touched by a male/female, somebody who may be scared to be touched sexually or kissed.
"can i kiss you or touch you?"
"ermmmmmm im not sure"
"it's a simple yes or no"
by joelle June 01, 2005
NO, all of you people are confusing the word fridget with the word FRIDGID.

Fridget is a midget who lives in your fridge, aka the reason why you can never find food when your hungry.

Frigid is a prude person, aka is scared shit of sex.

Me: OMG, im so hungry! Lemme check my fridge for some food.
*opens fridge door*
WTF?! who ate all the food, it was filled yesterday?!
Fridget: (Hiding in corner of fridge) *Evil Giggle*

Me: HEY! Who just laughed?!
by VaccuumIsAWeirdWord. May 31, 2009
Someone who has never been met/snogged/shifted a.k.a. "Frenched"

Commonly used in Ireland.
Pete: Are You Still A Fridget?
Jamie: Nah I met this girl last week
by iluvthescript August 14, 2009
Someone afraid to kiss the same or opposite sex.
Alec;*attempts to kiss Sara*
Sara;Maybe not tonight *pushes away*
by Sara April 02, 2005
never kissed someone as in bf or gf.
or never had sex.
JO:r u a fridget?
KOL:nah,i have kissed someone before.
JAMES:i have had sex so i aint one.
AERO:i aint had sex or kissed somone.
by Swornim July 30, 2004
The opposite of paris hilton
see paris hilton sex tape ...than reverse it

paris hilton: sex me
some dude: wow your the opposite of fridget
by sesso December 29, 2005
scared to be kissed, or touched or something
"i think we should kiss soon hun"
"but,but" *backing away*
"come on it's just a kiss"
"ermmmm...." *pushes herself away*
"wait are you a fridget?"
by asian luvers May 25, 2009